Confidence is the best accessory

First of all…when you’re feeling it, you’re FEELIN it! Please believe I am here for big hair, pumps, and bodysuits! But the best accessory to any outfit is and forever will be, CONFIDENCE! Whether you have it, lost it, or are looking for it; it’s a relatable topic too often undiscussed. If you need a gentle reminder, I’m here to tell you you’re AMAZING! There’s no other like you! You are most definitely one of a kind and the universe thanks you for showing up today. Do yourself a favor and smile because you woke up. If you’re looking for a magnificent read on confidence and self care, check out this amazing book.

Express Skirt, Bezels & Bytes watch strap, Free People bodysuit, OPI Black Onyx nail polish

chocolate chip cookie

The BEST Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

I’m known to have some dough in my freezer, cookie dough that is. Years ago I was pinning away on Pinterest, and I stumbled upon the PERFECT CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE! Friends, please believe me when I tell you, they were not lying. These crowd pleasers are a staple at every party I attend or host…like my mom and her broccoli rice casserole. And can we discuss their size??? Mmmmmm HHHMMMMM!

I’m a big fond fan of mixing Toll House morsels with the chocolate chunks. Variety is the spice of my life, ya’ll!

Let’s get ARTSY!

If you grew up in the 80’s you know who Bob Ross is. His tranquil voice and happy little trees kept my sister and me enthralled for the entire PBS hour! I’m no artist, but I do enjoy getting artsy fartsy from time to time.

I love fashion illustrators like Blair Breitenstein, Melsy, and Adrian Valencia! I can almost hear my husbands eyes rolling as he asks, ‘Really? Do you need one more coffee mug?’ YAAAAASSSSSS, KING! I do!

Best Egg Breakfast

Size Matters! Anytime you can prepare an individual serving size, DO IT! Miniatures look adorably cute; think itty bitty cans of coke (8 oz.), mini candy bars, mini corn dogs, mini bottles of champagne, the list goes on and on.

I made these “mini omelets” in a muffin tin and they were #EGGtastic! The first thing about this recipe, is that there isn’t one. I’m a big fond fan of using my resources and minimizing waste. What I’ve thrown in the pan is up for negotiation. Use what you like and what’s on hand. Here we go:

  • Ingredients: Dozen eggs/egg whites, 2 scallions/green onions, 1/2 orange/red/green pepper, 1 small red potato, half of a small red onion, freshly grated cheese, spinach/arugula, one link of chicken sausage, 3 Tbsp whipping cream, 1/4 C parsley, olive oil/Pam/butter, salt & pepper.
  • Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees F, grease a muffin tin and grab your sheet pan.
  • Finely chop the scallions, orange pepper, chicken sausage, red potato and red onion. Everything goes into a pan that’s been tossed with Pam, olive oil or butter. Generously salt and pepper. Sauté mixture over medium high heat until tender, about 10 mins. Stir frequently.
  • Into a liquid measuring cup crack 6-12 eggs. On this particular day I used 6 XL eggs and 1 C of egg whites. Add heavy whipping cream, if you’re feeling decadent, and generously salt and pepper. Whisk egg mixture and set aside.
  • Spoon the veggie mixture into the muffin tins, followed by a few leaves of spinach/arugula/power greens etc. Do you Boo! Next sprinkle freshly grated cheese. You all know how I feel about Sartori cheeses. Pick your fave, they’re all FABULOUS! Pour egg mixture just below the rim of each tin. Dust each with salt and pepper.
  • Grab the sheet pan and place the muffin tin on top of it. We don’t anticipate any spills, but you can never be too careful. Bake the ‘mini omelets’ for 25 minutes. Turn the sheet pan half way through so the opposite side of the tray is facing the front. Let them rest for a minute or two then gently pull them from the tin. Garnish with scallions or curly leaf parsley.

Enjoy ya’ll! Comment below and let me know how you like your eggs.

Week Night Dinner Inspiration

A friend of mine could use a helping hand, and while we independent women NEVER ask for help, I’m making her family dinner this week. I’m not even kidding, I LOVE cooking for my friends! I seriously dream of starting a food truck business. #MealsOnWheels

Turn up the volume on roasted chicken by dredging it in a simple marinade over night. I tossed the split chicken breasts with ribs in a zip top bag and poured an herby garlic salad dressing to coat. Bake at 375 degrees F on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper for an hour. #Voila

Roasted Split Chicken Breasts
Power greens salad with red onion, orange & yellow peppers, cherry tomatoes, Sartori balsamic bellavitano cheese, and hard boiled eggs
Roasted carrots and red potatoes garnished with curly parsley
New York Times Best Chocolate Chip Cookie

Melting Crayons into Molds

I’m a color-er and I’m know to get KRAY with my Crayola’s. I’ve always liked to color and still do as an adult in her mid 30’s. So it’s no surprise to me that I’m making my own crayon creations. I’ve gone mad for these molds! #Obsessed

Cliff notes and pro tips from the Pinterest moms:

  • Strip crayons, chop them into bits, and arrange in silicone molds
  • At this juncture feel free to get WILD! Any color combo you like can be achieved. ROY G BIV is my jam, but you do you, boo!
  • Line baking sheet with parchment paper (IMPERATIVE) and bake molds at 200 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes
  • Fill molds with more crayon bits and bake another 10 minutes
  • Remove and place in the refrigerator/freezer and cool completely

Mongolian Beef Skewers

Almost Mongolian Beef Satay, Broccolini with mushrooms & whipped potatoes

When I feel inspired to try a new recipe, I turn to my favorite cookbook authors; Ina, Giada, and Daphne, and commit to WOW factor! #ShowUp&ShowOut

These beef skewers by Daphne Oz did just that. Her cookbook is AH-MAZING! With her guiding light, I have successfully crushed many a brunch and family gathering. If you don’t have this gem, RUN DON’T WALK!

Melting chocolate into molds

Crown Mold

When I saw these silicone molds at Michaels I was shook! Melted chocolate poured into molds never looked so good! My mug is beyond (I know), but seriously, unicorns are magical whimsical fantastical creatures! This mug drives my husband NUTS and it’s without a doubt my fave. It often gets a shout out at bedtime when the boys and I go through our roses and thorns of the day. Any day that starts out with whimsy is gonna be a winner! #YASSSQueen! #FAF

When all the things you love come together #LEGO #DINO #FANCY #CHOCOLATE