Confidence is the best accessory

Please believe I am here for big hair, pumps, and bodysuits! But the best accessory to any outfit is and forever will be, CONFIDENCE!

chocolate chip cookie

The BEST Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Years ago I was pinning away on Pinterest, and I stumbled upon the PERFECT CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE! Friends, please believe me when I tell you, they were not lying.

Let’s get ARTSY!

If you grew up in the 80's you know who Bob Ross is. His tranquil voice and happy little trees kept my sister and me enthralled for the entire PBS hour! I'm no artist, but I do enjoy getting artsy fartsy from time to time. I love fashion illustrators like Blair Breitenstein, Melsy, and Adrian …

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Week Night Dinner Inspiration

A friend of mine could use a helping hand, and while we independent women NEVER ask for help, I'm making her family dinner this week. I'm not even kidding, I LOVE cooking for my friends! I seriously dream of starting a food truck business. #MealsOnWheels

Melting Crayons into Molds

I've always liked to color and still do as an adult in her mid 30's. So it's no surprise to me that I'm making my own crayon creations. I've gone mad for these molds! #Obsessed

Mongolian Beef Skewers

When I feel inspired to try a new recipe, I turn to my favorite cookbook authors; Ina, Giada, and Daphne, and commit to WOW factor! #ShowUp&ShowOut