I Heart Cooking

You could say I’ve loved cooking all my life. I love the connection. I love that you make a memory with the person you’re cooking with and how that memory bonds you together forever. It’s intimate. Cooking tells you things about yourself you wouldn’t know otherwise. My earliest memories with my grandma’s involved cooking, baking, or preparing a meal together. My grandmothers cooked with me and encouraged me in the kitchen at a very young age. They instilled confidence and curiosity, my fundamental building blocks in the kitchen.


My gf and I meet up every week for yoga and coffee. She’s a doll and I adore our special dates. And how cute are we that we both get #EXTRA hot triple skinny vanilla lattes…of course we do. My husband can’t even say my order out loud without sounding like the SNL skit from the 90’s with Adam Sandler, David Spade and Chris Farley as the Gap Girls. Please tell me you remember this gem?!

I have been practicing yoga since 2008. It was love at first savasana! From sun salutations to inversions, I’m here for it. Yoga retreats and workshops are my jam! I will do yoga in a studio. I will do yoga in my basement. I will do yoga outside in my backyard, heck I’ll even do it in a bar! Pun intended.

Flying Lizard Pose

Girls Night Out

Girls just wanna have fun! My girlfriends and I are no different. Real talk, I LOVE to get dressed up for my gf’s! They know that I blew my hair out just for them. They know (and appreciate) that I fussed with my hair until it was big enough. They also appreciate that I’m in JEANS and not ATHLEISURE…not that there’s anything wrong with that! But I’m just saying, I do enjoy getting gussied up for a Girls Night Out!

Cast Iron Cooking

Recently I’ve been raving about cooking with cast iron cookware and thought I’d share the reasons why they’re my ‘go to’.

If you never have, you should! Cooking with cast iron is fun, and fun is good! Ya feel me, Dr Seuss? Cast iron cookware is where it’s at…like two turn tables and a microphone! But for all its many advantages, I believe it eludes home cooks with mystery. Here, we’ll discuss how to use them, how to care for them, and generally speaking what to cook in them.

For a simple video on how to clean your cast iron, click here.  

The first time I ever saw cast iron in use, was by my dad at our Fourth of July party. It was a 30 pound cast iron campfire kettle that has been passed down through generations. That’s the first thing I love about cast iron, heirloom status. My dad made corn on the cob using this giant stately kettle. I watched the rustic process unfold and was immensely impressed; one that my dad knew how to cook and two that this giant kettle on a tripod with fire underneath was still highly functional. The next day before he returned it to his uncle, I watched him gently clean it and coat the surface with vegetable oil. It was so glossy and black, just gorgeous!

Let’s get down to business. So what are the best things to cook in cast iron? Brace yourself…ANYTHING! It’s the most uncomplicated cookware you’ll ever buy and if taken care of properly can be passed down for generations. I will only prepare steak in cast iron, because the skillet distributes heat evenly and can tolerate very high temperatures. On the stovetop I sear the meat on medium high heat, then transfer to a 400 degree oven for the remainder of cook time. Most recently I made a frittata, green bean casserole and chicken noodle soup in my cast iron skillet and Le Creuset dutch oven. It’s a kitchen essential in my humble opinion. Give it a go and set forth on a culinary adventure!


Pint Size Parties

As the homeroom mom for my boys, I know a thing a two about a thing or two. And those things involve PARTY SNACKS! Let’s be honest, their take away is and always will be the food…and musical chairs #CrowdPleaser. These treats are my boys personal faves; #1 Oreo Sparkle Pops, #2 Easter Pretzels, and #3 Holiday Tree. These beauties came curtesy of the ‘Pinterest Moms’. Check out my Pint Size Parties board for more inspo!

wrapped gifts

Gift Wrapping Inspiration

It’s time to celebrate! Several special people in my life are celebrating birthdays. Here are some wrapping, packaging, and presentation ideas. Obvs I love to coordinate ribbon and wrapping paper, while special tags and wax seals elevate a gifts glamour. Try twine as an alternative to ribbon. Presentation is everything, especially when it pertains to gifts!

Check out this girly wrapping paper from the Container Store, gold ribbon and gift tags from Michaels

My MIL found rolls and rolls of adorable assorted craft tape. The super hero/comic tape complimented the vibe I was going for. If you can, pick a theme or color for the gift wrap. Whatever it is, stick with it and embellish upon it. This applies to wrapping paper, the card, ribbon and the gift itself.

Oreo Sparkle Pops in a glass Perrier bottle and a fabulous fashion illustration.

breakfast on tray

Coffee House

So my gf’s coming over for coffee and naturally I want to WOW her! I’m grinding my own coffee beans and putting on the kettle for some fabulous French Press! #boujee

If you are wondering why I go on and on about french press coffee being the SHIZZZ, it’s because it is SPECIAL! If you’re a coffee connoisseur then you already know. I put it to my Mom (who doesn’t drink coffee…hold for gasp!) like this, it’s like comparing a knock off Louis Vuitton to the real thing. You just know! Obviously she’s a handbag girl and this scenario speaks her language.

When my friends come round I love to cook for them and send them home with treats. Today I’m baking rosemary & currant scones and serving them with an array of spreads and jams. I love them with honey, cinnamon honey butter, fig jam or Sarabeth’s Preserves.

We’ll chat about life as SAHM’s (stay at home mom) and laugh that our husbands are honorary co-chairs of NADS (National Association of Dads Society)!

Nambe Cheese Board
Bedillion honey, Sarabeth’s preserves and Dalmatia fig spread all pair well with these Rosemary & Currant Scones

Week Night Dinner Inspiration

BOOM! Sometimes the stars align and the universe roots for you. This evening was one of those magical evenings. This parmesan encrusted chicken is a very hands on kind of meal. I thrive on dishes that require you to get a little dirty. You all know by now how I feel about roasted carrots…LOVE! I can and do eat them all the time. And how much cuter are they when sliced on the diagonal?! Check out the Barefoot Contessa for her recipe on the afore mentioned messy chicken. Dazzle your family with this simple and delicious week night dinner!