Marie Kondo has been asking if our belongings spark joy for years. Consider this piece a “does it spark joy: lifestyle edition“. Ask yourself that question in all aspects of your life. Does my job spark joy? Does my attitude spark joy? Does my lifestyle, clothing, diet, hairstyle, etc spark joy? If not, it’s time to make some changes, Queen!

Self care is a huge buzz word these days. I’ll indulge this fad, but truth is I have always been a big fond fan of taking care of myself. Rituals that better yourself, inside or out, are healthy habits to create.








In my current self care routine, I work out 5-7 days a week. This includes a mixture of cycling, running, power walking, strength training, HIIT training, pilates and yoga. Mental health is extremely important. Spending 5 minutes to write down what I’m grateful for is truly rewarding. Any go-getter will encourage you to keep pushing your own boundaries and set SMART goals. Wash your dirty hair, Queen! Loving these toning shampoos. Groom and shave DAILY! Something somewhere is growing at all times: eyebrows, legs, under arms, etc. Eat HEALTHY food and drink X ounces (your weight divided by 2) of water a day.

Adding just one simple lifestyle change can have a big impact on your happiness and well being. Small changes equal big results. Put yesterday down, it’s too heavy. Go get ’em, Queen!

Personal Stylist

Personal Stylist

I love FASHION! It’s one of the two F’s I give (food being the other). So it was no surprise to my family and friends when I told them I was starting a career as a Personal Stylist. As a fashion blogger I will continue to publish articles with styling tips, links to wardrobe staples and on trend fashion inspiration.

I am over joyed to expand the Let’s Get Fancy, Queen brand! If you wonder what silhouettes flatter your body type or which colors truly suit you best, book a Personal Styling Consultation below.

Personal Styling Consultation

Identify silhouettes and colors that flatter your body. Complete a wardrobe basics checklist. Curate five current looks from your existing wardrobe.

Closet Clear Out

Keep it, donate it, or take it to the tailors? I’ll give it to you straight. With your pieces edited and displayed boutique style, you will see all the styling possibilities!

Personal Shopper

Allow me the pleasure of shopping for your wardrobe essentials, special occasion looks, vacation pieces, work wardrobe, etc. You set the budget and I will deliver.

Mini Styling Consultation

How could I style this blouse? What colors look good on me? Which shoes go with this outfit? These and many more burning questions answered in an hour!

Personal Stylist

Hey Queen!

I’m Brittney a wifey, boy mom, and a fashion obsessed home cook. In 2019 I started my fashion blog that became my catalyst into Wardrobe Consultanting. My mission is to rejuvenate your wardrobe, flatter your fabulous figure and make you feel like the QUEEN you are!

The way we present ourselves to the world speaks volumes about us. Our clothes do a lot of the talking. Let’s make sure they know what to say.

What is a personal stylist/wardrobe consultant?

An image consultant hired to identify colors and silhouettes that flatter your body, edit your wardrobe, coordinate outfits, and shop for specific wardrobe pieces.

What does a wardrobe consultant do?

Personal stylists ensure wardrobe functionality, coordinate looks for clients, as well as personally shop for essential pieces.

How do I find my personal style?

Embrace silhouettes that flatter your body type. Choose a color palette that is harmonious with your skin, hair and eyes. Search Pinterest for inspiration or emulate your style icon’s looks.

What does a personal stylist/wardrobe consultant charge?

Hourly rates vary with $100 plus or minus $50 being average.

liquid lipstick

Liquid Lipstick

liquid lipstick
liquid lipstick

Liquid lipstick has earned a favorable place in my make-up bag. My top three favorite brands are Too Faced, Maybelline and Kylie Cosmetics.

First and foremost these brands have mastered their formulas and have an excellent array of colors. My favorite attributes of liquid lipstick are they dry down matte, are not too drying, they stay put through meals (and cocktails) and are reasonably priced. When I rip my mask off, you can bet your sweet ass I’m rocking liquid lipstick. Yes, Queen, it stays on even with a mask covering.


For more style inspiration click here.

cc brooch

How to Style Brooches

I know what you’re thinking, “Wait, what? Did she just say (OLD LADY) brooches? I can’t, Queen!” Am I right? Well gang, much like everything else, they’re back. To be quite frank, they never left. I’m going to show you how I style mine and where you can get fashionable ones.

If you are versed at embroidering on leather goods, then you are quite capable of making a brooch yourself. For the vast majority of us, we do not possess said skills. Turn your attention to Etsy where there is a plethora of talent. I can recommend the following with confidence, as they are my go to brooch shops: Sweet Brooch Sisters, Natasha Shumskaya, Natali Brooches, TimeAcs and [my FAVORITE] 5FlowerFinery.

master closet

Editing Your Wardrobe

When it comes to editing our wardrobes this can be really hard. Every time I edit my closet I find myself saying things like “maybe I’ll wear that to a Halloween party” or “maybe I’ll get down to that magical size x and be able to wear those jeans from high school again”. A functional closet contains pieces that reflect where you are TODAY. The clothing in your closet should be your current size, colors that flatter your skin tone, tailored to fit your body, and silhouettes that flatter your body shape (ie triangle, rectangle, pear, hourglass, etc). I am not working in corporate America anymore, therefore I do NOT need a plethora of pants suits. Long gone are the days of attending fraternity Halloween parties. Baggy Jinco jeans from the 90’s do not flatter my body shape.

In order to have a functional closet, one needs to understand their body. Know what body shape/type you are. Identify your undertone (cool, warm or neutral) and take body measurements. If you need assistance turn to wardrobe stylist Erin Busbee. She’s a professional stylist and has wonderful YouTube content that covers all the above.

Now that you’re educated on your body, how do you actually get up the nerve to tear into the abyss of clothing that has taken over your closet? Start before you’re ready, queen! Life is short. In this moment, you are the youngest you will ever be and the oldest you’ll ever be. Take advantage of that truth.

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