Editing Your Wardrobe

When it comes to editing our wardrobes this can be really hard. Every time I edit my closet I find myself saying things like “maybe I’ll wear that to a Halloween party” or “maybe I’ll get down to that magical size x and be able to wear those jeans from high school again”. A functional closet contains pieces that reflect where you are TODAY. The clothing in your closet should be your current size, colors that flatter your skin tone, tailored to fit your body, and silhouettes that flatter your body shape (ie triangle, rectangle, pear, hourglass, etc). I am not working in corporate America anymore, therefore I do NOT need a plethora of pants suits. Long gone are the days of attending fraternity Halloween parties. Baggy Jinco jeans from the 90’s do not flatter my body shape.

In order to have a functional closet, one needs to understand their body. Know what body shape/type you are. Identify your undertone (cool, warm or neutral) and take body measurements. If you need assistance turn to wardrobe stylist Erin Busbee. She’s a professional stylist and has wonderful YouTube content that covers all the above.

Now that you’re educated on your body, how do you actually get up the nerve to tear into the abyss of clothing that has taken over your closet? Start before you’re ready, queen! Life is short. In this moment, you are the youngest you will ever be and the oldest you’ll ever be. Take advantage of that truth.

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