Brunch Time

I’m a boujee B who enjoys a mimosa at brunch. There I said it. If this sounds like you, then pull up a chair (or in my case stand round the island because I can’t sit down) with me and my brunch bunch. Juicy food and conversation welcome!

So what is the trick to having ZERO melt downs before an early brunch? Do as much as you can in advance. Finalize the menu at least a week before the party, grocery shop 3-5 days before, set out platters, glassware, plates, etc days in advance. Doing these tasks in advance takes the edge off of the chaos. For more planning tips, check out my Thanksgiving Feast Prep blog post.

brunch with mimosas

Say your brunch is at 10:30, then most certainly you need to make many dishes the evening before. One of the only things I cook on brunch day is scrambled eggs. Mostly everything else is made the day before, except the scones. I made that dough a week ago and tucked it in the deep freeze then baked them the morning of the party. But that’s how you have to do it so you don’t lose your mind. Be that hostess who embodies easy breezy beautiful at the party. And remember, have fun in the kitchen, Queens!

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