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Best Summer Sandals and Pumps

When spring and summer arrive your tootsies better be ready girls! Peep toe pumps and strappy sandals are in full swing. My most worn and favorite summer sandals and pumps are comfortable, have pointy toes, sexy toe cleavage and are a mix of on trend and classic styles. I shuffle through these shoes like a 6 disc CD changer.

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Fashion Affects Your Life

Clothes have a powerful impact on your mood. There is a direct correlation between how we look and feel. Your outfit has the ability to give you confidence, elevate your mood and boost your productivity. Don’t believe fashion affects your life, try me?

Good clothes open all doors

Alison Freer

LIFE is the occasion, Queen! When I tell you life is short, believe me. During this past year I’ve learned first hand just how precious this thing called life is. I refuse to waste even one second doing anything half way. When I’m out and about, dolled up cruising through the grocery store in heels, that’s why. For me it’s all about the JOURNEY, not the destination.

We get dressed each and every day. Our clothing speaks volumes on our behalf. Why not set the tone with an outfit that represents who you want to be.

Personal Stylist

Styling a Circle Body Type

When dressing your body it’s important to accentuate your assets and minimize the trouble areas, no matter your body type. If you have a circle/apple/round body type, the waist will be 2 or more inches larger than your hips and 2 or more inches larger than your shoulders or bust.

  • The goals are simple
    • create overall length
    • draw attention upward to the face with statement earrings, necklaces, and v-neck collars
    • use optical illusions such as paneling to minimize the waist line
    • Check out this YouTube video to see a wardrobe stylist make-over her mom, who has a circle body type

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