What you wear speaks volumes to the world around you. Our clothes have the power to set the tone for our entire day. Choosing to wear a cheery ruffled dress or your favorite band t-shirt, is you subconsciously telling the world a little bit about your personal style type. To identify your style type, consider what inspires and brings you joy. Look to the following for inspiration; favorite colors, music you love, hobbies, interests, movies, or fashion from a specific era. All these qualities meld together to create your personal style and aesthetic. Here are some of the basic (but not basic) style types.

  • EDGY

When I think about my personal style type, I don’t fit into one box. My style type encompasses Fashionista, Edgy and Minimalist depending on the day and my mood. And that’s okay. Fashion is expressive and meant to be fun. Wear what makes you feel good, Queen!

How do you determine your own style type? Take the style quiz below.

If you answered with mainly 1s your style is Minimalist, mainly 2s then you’re a Fashionista, 3s then Bohemian, 4s Edgy, 5s Romantic or mainly 6s your personal style type is Athleisure.


Less is more is a minimalist’s motto. Think capsule wardrobe, quality over quantity, fabulous basics paired multiple ways, and a minimal color palette. In short, minimalist style is intentional and edited. Check out Emma Hill and Sarah Anne Hayes who always get it right.

SHOP THE LOOK: shorts, sneakers, tank


Fashionista’s truly go for it when it comes to fashion choices. Getting dressed is a means to showcase their creativity and be over the top. Making a statement is almost always at the top of their list. Check out this Pinterest board by Visual-Therapy for inspiration.

SHOP THE LOOK: dress, belt, bag, sandals, spray tan curtesy of Spray and Slay


Bohemian style is relaxed, lived-in, or funky, and incorporates offbeat accessories and usually lots of denim and suede. Its emphasis is on natural fabrics and earth tones. This style evolved from the hippie look of the 1960s and the early 1970s.

SHOP THE LOOK: flares, bodysuit, hat, sunglasses


This cool girl vibe is effortless for an Edgy style type. Graphic t-shirts, moto jackets, distressed denim and black boots are her wardrobe staples. Be daringly innovative and embrace what makes you, you! Look to Emily Wheatley’s Instagram for classic minimalist edge inspo.

SHOP THE LOOK: shorts, belt, tank, boots, golden goddess glow thanks to Kelly Bandura of Spray and Slay


Ruffles, lace, color and prints are descriptive adjectives most used to describe a girly girls wardrobe.

SHOP THE LOOK: dress, sandals, summer bag, turquoise necklace, gold coin necklace


If your style is more casual, you thrive in athletic apparel and you feel most ‘you’ in your favorite sneakers, then your dominant style type is athleisure. You credit your edge to street style.

SHOP THE LOOK: tights, cropped hoodie, sneakers, sunglasses

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