Jennifer Lopez, Alicia Keys, Beyonce just a few gorgeous women you may have heard of. What do these queens have in common other than being BOSS BABES, moms and successful triple threat entertainers? They all share the same body shape. These beauties have a triangle body type, meaning their glutes/thighs have a larger circumference than their shoulders and waist. Browse my Pinterest board below for styling inspiration.

Knowing your body type is literally half of the battle. The other half is dressing it. Look for silhouettes that showcase your assets and conceal your trouble areas. How in the H do you do that, Queen? Simple, book a styling session with yours truly and viola! The goal when styling a triangle body type, is to create balance and define the waist. While you’re booking your PERSONAL STYLIST session, start implementing the following tips and you’ll be well on your way to Vogue’s best dressed list.

  1. Intentional Neckline
    • boat neck tops, sweetheart neckline, V neck, one shoulder, off the shoulder
  2. Bold Shoulders
    • bold/colorful/metallic/ruffled tops draw attention to the top half of your body and create an overall balanced appearance
  3. Skirts
    • above the knee pencil skirts, fit and flare skirts and dresses, A Line dresses
  4. Denim
    • flares, boot cut, wide leg, skinny jeans
  5. Waist
    • Accentuate the waist with belts, high waist denim, etc.
  6. Shoes
    • pointed toe shoes/flats
  7. Structured Jackets

Why fit in, when you were born to stand out

Anna Wintour

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