Vacation Outfits

Headed on vacation, Queen? Whether you’re traveling to the beach, lake, the mountains or on a long weekend away, I’ve got your stylish outfits picked out!

Knowing your personal style is very important and staying true to yourself is the golden rule. I use the following adjectives to describe my personal style; GLAM, FASHIONISTA & EDGY. How about you, Queen?

The first night of sun exposure calls for a white jeans outfit. While I may look tanned, I am freezing and therefore need layering options. Allow me to introduce my favorite layering piece for summer, the white blazer. Draped over my shoulders I feel fierce and edgy, but not trying too hard. The same could be said for a denim jacket, dealers choice. How you style your vacation outfits is the key to looking elevated, modern and fresh.

Cute fedoras are a beach necessity. If you aren’t a hat girl, no worries. Over sized sunglasses or a beautiful scarf tied in your hair are fabulous finishers. If you haven’t scooped up some fresh espadrilles, run don’t walk, Queen. While you’re at it check out my post Best Summer Sandals and Pumps.


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Edgy Style Type


What you wear speaks volumes to the world around you. Our clothes have the power to set the tone for our entire day. Choosing to wear a cheery ruffled dress or your favorite band t-shirt, is you subconsciously telling the world a little bit about your personal style type. To identify your style type, consider what inspires and brings you joy. Look to the following for inspiration; favorite colors, music you love, hobbies, interests, movies, or fashion from a specific era. All these qualities meld together to create your personal style and aesthetic. Here are some of the basic (but not basic) style types.

  • EDGY

When I think about my personal style type, I don’t fit into one box. My style type encompasses Fashionista, Edgy and Minimalist depending on the day and my mood. And that’s okay. Fashion is expressive and meant to be fun. Wear what makes you feel good, Queen!

How do you determine your own style type? Take the style quiz below.

If you answered with mainly 1s your style is Minimalist, mainly 2s then you’re a Fashionista, 3s then Bohemian, 4s Edgy, 5s Romantic or mainly 6s your personal style type is Athleisure.


Less is more is a minimalist’s motto. Think capsule wardrobe, quality over quantity, fabulous basics paired multiple ways, and a minimal color palette. In short, minimalist style is intentional and edited. Check out Emma Hill and Sarah Anne Hayes who always get it right.

SHOP THE LOOK: shorts, sneakers, tank


Fashionista’s truly go for it when it comes to fashion choices. Getting dressed is a means to showcase their creativity and be over the top. Making a statement is almost always at the top of their list. Check out this Pinterest board by Visual-Therapy for inspiration.

SHOP THE LOOK: dress, belt, bag, sandals, spray tan curtesy of Spray and Slay


Bohemian style is relaxed, lived-in, or funky, and incorporates offbeat accessories and usually lots of denim and suede. Its emphasis is on natural fabrics and earth tones. This style evolved from the hippie look of the 1960s and the early 1970s.

SHOP THE LOOK: flares, bodysuit, hat, sunglasses


This cool girl vibe is effortless for an Edgy style type. Graphic t-shirts, moto jackets, distressed denim and black boots are her wardrobe staples. Be daringly innovative and embrace what makes you, you! Look to Emily Wheatley’s Instagram for classic minimalist edge inspo.

SHOP THE LOOK: shorts, belt, tank, boots, golden goddess glow thanks to Kelly Bandura of Spray and Slay


Ruffles, lace, color and prints are descriptive adjectives most used to describe a girly girls wardrobe.

SHOP THE LOOK: dress, sandals, summer bag, turquoise necklace, gold coin necklace


If your style is more casual, you thrive in athletic apparel and you feel most ‘you’ in your favorite sneakers, then your dominant style type is athleisure. You credit your edge to street style.

SHOP THE LOOK: tights, cropped hoodie, sneakers, sunglasses

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Hourglass Silhouette

If you’re blessed with an hourglass figure, congratulations! Everyone hates you…just kidding. This is the most coveted female body type. The hourglass silhouette is symmetrical and made famous by Marilyn Monroe, Kim Kardashian, Salma Hayek and Sofia Vergara. If you do not have a defined waist and balance in your curves, fear not Queen. Here are simple tips from a personal stylist to fake those infamous 36x24x36 measurements.

How to Create A Waist

While dressing yourself be very aware of optical illusions. Think about proportions and balance above all else. In order to achieve an hourglass silhouette, one has to accentuate the waist and ensure balance is achieved on the top and bottom halves. For example, if you’re Jennifer Lopez (a classic triangle body type) you can afford some volume in the bust or shoulder area. Add ruffles, boat neck collars or off the shoulder tops to enhance this area, all the while creating balance with the lower half. See below for more tips, tricks and my Hourglass Body Shape Pinterest Board for more inspiration.

  • belt everything
  • v neck tops
  • fit and flare dresses
  • high waisted jeans
  • flare jeans
  • empire waist dresses
  • balance volume at shoulders and lower half
  • tuck in your tops
  • peplum tops
  • wrap tops
  • wrap dresses
  • three quarter length sleeves

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Your clothes speak for you. Make sure they know what to say.

Bradley Bayou
summer outfit

Best Summer Sandals and Pumps

When spring and summer arrive your tootsies better be ready girls! Peep toe pumps and strappy sandals are in full swing. My most worn and favorite summer sandals and pumps are comfortable, have pointy toes, sexy toe cleavage and are a mix of on trend and classic styles. I shuffle through these shoes like a 6 disc CD changer.

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Fashion Affects Your Life

Clothes have a powerful impact on your mood. There is a direct correlation between how we look and feel. Your outfit has the ability to give you confidence, elevate your mood and boost your productivity. Don’t believe fashion affects your life, try me?

Good clothes open all doors

Alison Freer

LIFE is the occasion, Queen! When I tell you life is short, believe me. During this past year I’ve learned first hand just how precious this thing called life is. I refuse to waste even one second doing anything half way. When I’m out and about, dolled up cruising through the grocery store in heels, that’s why. For me it’s all about the JOURNEY, not the destination.

We get dressed each and every day. Our clothing speaks volumes on our behalf. Why not set the tone with an outfit that represents who you want to be.

Personal Stylist

Styling a Circle Body Type

When dressing your body it’s important to accentuate your assets and minimize the trouble areas, no matter your body type. If you have a circle/apple/round body type, the waist will be 2 or more inches larger than your hips and 2 or more inches larger than your shoulders or bust.

  • The goals are simple
    • create overall length
    • draw attention upward to the face with statement earrings, necklaces, and v-neck collars
    • use optical illusions such as paneling to minimize the waist line
    • Check out this YouTube video to see a wardrobe stylist make-over her mom, who has a circle body type

For style inspiration, check out my Pinterest board!


A wardrobe full of classic pieces and basics, makes for effortless dressing. Invest in these essentials to ensure you get the most longevity per garment. When shopping for classic wardrobe pieces take into consideration an items cost per wear.

Cost per wear refers to its cost in relation to how many times a piece is worn. Classic wardrobe staples with high price tags that are worn year after year, often have conservative cost per wear.

For example, let’s say I bought a timeless wool trench coat for $200 that I wore 3 times a week for six months. The cost per wear would be $2.78. My dad would be asking me to ‘show my work’, so here it is: 12 wears a month for 6 months is 72 wears. $200 divided 72 wears equals $2.77777778. When you break down your investment purchases in these terms, it makes sense to invest in classic durable wardrobe pieces, does it not?

Do yourself a favor and validate your investment pieces in terms of cost per wear. Do they still look amazing? Are they being utilized?

If you answered yes to these questions, chances are those wardrobe essentials are made of quality fabrics that are worth every penny. Bravo for taking care of your clothes and investing in classic pieces, Queen!




Sneaker Outfits

I’ve coined a phrase for pieces whose function is solely to LOOK GOOD. That acronym is F.L.O. (For Looks Only). These things are the bomb dot com, but serve me little on the functionality scale. I will not be running marathons in any of these sneakers. Nor have any stepped foot in a gym, no matter, because their purpose is to FLO!