When it comes to looking (and feeling) put together, no one questions the power of make-up. For me, looking good is deeply connected to feeling good. Being made up is a huge confidence booster. Let’s dive into my most favorite and hardest working products that get me out the door in a flash. Here are the products in my 5 minute make-up routine.

liquid lipstick

Treat your make up like jewelry for the face. Play with colors, shapes, structure – it can transform you.

Francios Nars


When time is of the essence, the make-up you pick really matters. Knowing your go-to products for a 5 minute make-up routine is essential. For example, I will choose a product that packs a heavy punch or can multitask. Either or will save me time on the back end. I love Charlotte Tilbury’s Hollywood Flawless Filter because it provides my skin with a primer + tinted moisturizer + a lit from within glow. On a ‘good skin’ day that product is the ticket. Let’s keep going with this ‘good skin day’ scenario. So now we need to give the face some dimension. Take NYX’s matte bronzer and sweep it round the hair line, under the cheek bones and across the eyelids. Are you getting my drift? One product doing double duty!

For the finishing touches, don’t get lost in the weeds. Stay focused on high impact. Highlighter and blush pack a big punch. Toss a mini/sample size of mascara and lipgloss in your purse/diaper bag. Mark my words, the day will come when you’ll leave the house without them. Avoid the panic and pack the mini’s. They take up zero space and are hero pieces in a pinch.

Go light up a room, Queen!

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brunch with mimosas

Brunch Time

I’m a boujee B who enjoys a mimosa at brunch. There I said it. If this sounds like you, then pull up a chair (or in my case stand round the island because I can’t sit down) with me and my brunch bunch. Juicy food and conversation welcome!

So what is the trick to having ZERO melt downs before an early brunch? Do as much as you can in advance. Finalize the menu at least a week before the party, grocery shop 3-5 days before, set out platters, glassware, plates, etc days in advance. Doing these tasks in advance takes the edge off of the chaos. For more planning tips, check out my Thanksgiving Feast Prep blog post.

brunch with mimosas

Say your brunch is at 10:30, then most certainly you need to make many dishes the evening before. One of the only things I cook on brunch day is scrambled eggs. Mostly everything else is made the day before, except the scones. I made that dough a week ago and tucked it in the deep freeze then baked them the morning of the party. But that’s how you have to do it so you don’t lose your mind. Be that hostess who embodies easy breezy beautiful at the party. And remember, have fun in the kitchen, Queens!


Marie Kondo has been asking if our belongings spark joy for years. Consider this piece a “does it spark joy: lifestyle edition“. Ask yourself that question in all aspects of your life. Does my job spark joy? Does my attitude spark joy? Does my lifestyle, clothing, diet, hairstyle, etc spark joy? If not, it’s time to make some changes, Queen!

Self care is a huge buzz word these days. I’ll indulge this fad, but truth is I have always been a big fond fan of taking care of myself. Rituals that better yourself, inside or out, are healthy habits to create.








In my current self care routine, I work out 5-7 days a week. This includes a mixture of cycling, running, power walking, strength training, HIIT training, pilates and yoga. Mental health is extremely important. Spending 5 minutes to write down what I’m grateful for is truly rewarding. Any go-getter will encourage you to keep pushing your own boundaries and set SMART goals. Wash your dirty hair, Queen! Loving these toning shampoos. Groom and shave DAILY! Something somewhere is growing at all times: eyebrows, legs, under arms, etc. Eat HEALTHY food and drink X ounces (your weight divided by 2) of water a day.

Adding just one simple lifestyle change can have a big impact on your happiness and well being. Small changes equal big results. Put yesterday down, it’s too heavy. Go get ’em, Queen!

Big hair

Is my hair big enough?

In this volume of the ride or die series, we’re talking HAIR. Fussing with my hair is one of my guiltless pleasures. The phrase guilty pleasure is an oxymoron and I’m not here for it. I don’t do my hair all the time, but when I do, I go big. Here are my must have products to ensure my tresses are on point.

Why do I love the afore mentioned so much? They work, period! My hair type is course and curly. I have thin strands but millions of them. The products above work for my hair type. Anytime I blow dry my hair I use the volumizing spray on the roots only and the thickening spray on the bulk of my hair. Using a mega (2.5″) round brush allows me to get the volume I’m craving. Once the hair is blown out and full, tease the roots and spray. If you’re feeling an Aqua Net moment, then set that hair with Redken’s Control Addict. If you need more movement, go for Aveda’s air control. To give clean hair some texture, some oomph, some pizzazz, hit it with dry shampoo. BOOM!

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fresh flowers and baked goods

Teacher Appreciation Vol. 2

Can’t thank teachers enough for all they do. My gratitude for their efforts is impossible to put into words. These trinkets are merely a token of appreciation for their unwavering support and guidance.

I know it sounds crazy, but I love shopping for teachers. Careful thought goes into curating a theme, color or aesthetic for the gift. There are many ways to go about this, I choose to use “meet the teacher” night as a jump off. The goal is to get an idea for the teachers vibe, their hobbies, favorite foods, etc.

For example; a personalized stationery set from AThingCreated paired with a rubber stamp and a pack of gel pens or Sharpie markers would make a lovely gift. On the other hand, flowers arranged in a jam jar with a gift card to Target/Amazon/Nordstrom is a no brainer. Just put your heart into it, Queen. It’s the thought that has always counted most. For more inspo, click the pictures below which showcase shops here in Pittsburgh, as well as Molton Brown, Farmgirl Flowers and Etsy.

wrapped gifts

Holiday Gift Guide

Around the holidays, the only thing that could possibly kill my festive vibe, is not having the most fabulous gift for a girlfriend, favorite aunt or teacher. Feel me, Queen? If your shopping list looks anything like mine, you more than likely have several special people to curate thoughtful gifts for. Click the links below to shop my favorite boutiques for the very special people in my life.

YOUR KING: This Molton Brown scent gets me every time. My husband and I celebrated 10 years of wedded bliss at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort and this scent was everywhere. With each inhale I’m reminded of that BOUJIE AF vacation and I know he will too.

ANOTHER QUEEN: Jewelry from Miranda Frye or Uncommon James can’t be beat. You’ll be sure to find a piece as fierce as your friend.

MOM/SISTER: The White Company is a UK based luxury brand, famous for cashmere, candles, bed linens and beyond.

TEACHER: You can not beat a personalized gift. I adore stationery sets and fancy note cards from AThingCreated and Swoon Paper Co.

DAD: My favorite place to get quality, hand made leather goods is from the one and only Mr Lentz. His pieces are hand made in Bow, Washington. Did I mention he’s a real life COWBOY?!

HOSTESS: Oil & Vinegar is my go to shop for the entertainer in your life. If your mouth isn’t watering when you leave Angela’s store, check your pulse.

steaks and crab cakes on the grill

Outdoor Entertaining

My summer time vibes are real, Queen! I love to entertain outdoors and fire up our grill. It’s an extension of the kitchen lezzbehonest, of course I love it. Bar-B-Q(teen)!

Had friends over for a BBQ on our deck. My husband and I love to hosting! Kids played outside in the backyard while the adults grilled and nibbled on a charcuterie board. For the mail course we had filet mignon and crab cakes on the grill.

Girly Gift Shops

In my world, it’s birthday season! Tons of family members and girlfriends are celebrating their trip around the sun. For this self proclaimed shopaholic, hi my name is Brittney, I enjoy every gifting opportunity. #ShoppingIsMyCardio

The Queen’s Top 10

Lastly, ribbon for these beautiful gifts must come from Anastasia Marie’s Etsy shop.

Happy shopping whether it be cyber, window or otherwise!