Loco for Logo

What’s your calling card? What feeling, emotion, or energy do you leave behind? I’ve been pondering this question and for me, this logo nails it! It started as a simple sketch and doodle, then turned into something more. When I had narrowed my design down, I partnered with a company called Get Marked and began to finalize my logo for production. What happened next was pure magic. I’m so happy with how the custom embosser turned out. I pressed gold stickers and used them to seal a hand-written letter and to jazz up my cellophane bag of home-made chocolate chip cookies! #FAF

Get Marked custom embosser

Three Ways

The jump off pieces you’ll need for this three way look, are a white t-shirt, hoop earrings and a bandana. Paring the jump off’s with a variety of bottoms and shoes give you a wide range to play with on the Chill to Fancy sliding scale. The third look (not pictured) is the perfect solution if you need to look put together from the waist up but don’t have to go full on ‘outfit’…think curbside grocery pick-up or any drive through window scenario. All you need is a pair of joggers! No shoes, no problem.

On Left: Ralph Lauren skinny crop jean, J Crew leopard flats, Madewell Bandana

On Right: Marc Fisher leopard pumps, Rebellious Fashion trousers, James Perse Pocket T


My gf and I meet up every week for yoga and coffee. She’s a doll and I adore our special dates. And how cute are we that we both get #EXTRA hot triple skinny vanilla lattes…of course we do. My husband can’t even say my order out loud without sounding like the SNL skit from the 90’s with Adam Sandler, David Spade and Chris Farley as the Gap Girls. Please tell me you remember this gem?!

I have been practicing yoga since 2008. It was love at first savasana! From sun salutations to inversions, I’m here for it. Yoga retreats and workshops are my jam! I will do yoga in a studio. I will do yoga in my basement. I will do yoga outside in my backyard, heck I’ll even do it in a bar! Pun intended.

Flying Lizard Pose


Girls just wanna have fun! My girlfriends and I are no different. Real talk, I LOVE to get dressed up for my gf’s! They know that I blew my hair out just for them. They know (and appreciate) that I fussed with my hair until it was big enough. They also appreciate that I’m in JEANS and not ATHLEASURE…not that there’s anything wrong with that! But I’m just saying, I do enjoy getting gussied up for a Moms Night Out!

Packages, Boxes & Tags

It’s time to celebrate! Several special people in my life are celebrating birthdays. Here are some wrapping, packaging, and presentation ideas. Obvs I love to coordinate ribbon and wrapping paper, while special tags and wax seals elevate a gifts glamour. Try twine as an alternative to ribbon. Presentation is everything, especially when it pertains to gifts!

My MIL found rolls and rolls of adorable assorted craft tape. The above hero/comic tape complimented the vibe I was going for. If you can, pick a theme or color for the gift wrap. Whatever it is, stick with it and embellish upon it. This applies to wrapping paper, the card, ribbon and the gift itself.

Wrapping paper, Gold Ribbon, & Gift Tag
Oreo Sparkle Pops in a glass Perrier bottle and a fabulous fashion illustration.

Show Up n’ Show Out

First of all…when you’re feeling it, you’re FEELIN it! Please believe I am here for big hair, pumps, and bodysuits! But the best accessory to any outfit is and forever will be, CONFIDENCE! Whether you have it, lost it, or are looking for it; it’s a relatable topic too often undiscussed. If you need a gentle reminder, I’m here to tell you you’re AMAZING! There’s no other like you! You are most definitely one of a kind and the universe thanks you for showing up today. Do yourself a favor and smile because you woke up. If you’re looking for a magnificent read on confidence and self care, check out this amazing book.

Express Skirt, Bezels & Bytes watch strap, Free People bodysuit, OPI Black Onyx nail polish

Let’s get ARTSY!

If you grew up in the 80’s you know who Bob Ross is. His tranquil voice and happy little trees kept my sister and me enthralled for the entire PBS hour! I’m no artist, but I do enjoy getting artsy fartsy from time to time.

I love fashion illustrators like Blair Breitenstein, Melsy, and Adrian Valencia! I can almost hear my husbands eyes rolling as he asks, ‘Really? Do you need one more coffee mug?’ YAAAAASSSSSS, KING! I do!

Kray for Crayola’s

I’m a color-er. There I said it. I’ve always liked to color and still do as an adult in her mid 30’s. So it’s no surprise to me that I’m making my own crayon creations. I’ve gone mad for these molds! #Obsessed

Cliff Notes and Pro Tips from the Pinterest Moms:

  • Strip crayons, chop them into bits, and arrange in silicone molds
  • At this juncture feel free to get WILD! Any color combo you like can be achieved. ROY G BIV is my jam, but you do you, boo!
  • Line baking sheet with parchment paper (IMPERATIVE) and bake molds at 200 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes
  • Fill molds with more crayon bits and bake another 10 minutes
  • Remove and place in the refrigerator/freezer and cool completely