Crown On

Crown Mold

When I saw these silicone molds at Michaels I was shook! #Perfection My mug is beyond (I know), but seriously, unicorns are magical whimsical fantastical creatures! This mug drives my husband NUTS and it’s without a doubt my fave. It often gets a shout out at bedtime when the boys and I go through our roses and thorns of the day. Any day that starts out with whimsy is gonna be a winner! #YASSSQueen! #FAF

When all the things you love come together #LEGO #DINO #FANCY #CHOCOLATE

Hey, Ma!

When I say I’m turning up the volume on letter writing, I’m not playing around! Only the fanciest stationery will do when I’m writing to my mom (aka Mama Dukes). After all, she’s the original Queen!

Per usual, I’m peppering in some heart shaped confetti (you’re welcome Ma) and using my fave matches and wax seal. I’m very much in to these EXTRA fine (of course it is!) ball point pens. And can we just take a moment to adore this stationery?!? This girl is beyond talented and I want EVERYTHING on her site!

Check out more from Melsy! I’m OBSESSED!!! #talented #FashionIllustrator

Stationery Geek

Sending a birthday card to my girl and you know I have to use my wax seal. Anytime you can send a handwritten note, please do!

My love for stationery and sending letters started at an early age. In elementary school I had two pen-pals; Trevor, a grandfather figure of sorts from Australia and Jodi, a girl my age from another school. Random right? I also adore sending letters to my grandma’s and have since college #WestVirginiaUniversity #Classof2004

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

My name’s Brittney and I’m fabulous, thanks for asking.  I’m a wifey, boy mom, fashion enthusiast, stationery geek, and home cook.  This space will be my outlet for creativity and haven for letting my virtual hair down.  If you love turning up the volume on anything from your OOTD to a birthday gift to a girlfriend, then this blog is for you.

I just have one question for you, is my hair big enough?!  The answer is always YYYAAAAASSSSSSSSS QUEEN!