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How to Style Brooches

I know what you’re thinking, “Wait, what? Did she just say (OLD LADY) brooches? I can’t, Queen!” Am I right? Well gang, much like everything else, they’re back. To be quite frank, they never left. I’m going to show you how I style mine and where you can get fashionable ones.

If you are versed at embroidering on leather goods, then you are quite capable of making a brooch yourself. For the vast majority of us, we do not possess said skills. Turn your attention to Etsy where there is a plethora of talent. I can recommend the following with confidence, as they are my go to brooch shops: Sweet Brooch Sisters, Natasha Shumskaya, Natali Brooches, TimeAcs and [my FAVORITE] 5FlowerFinery.

Gucci Combat Boots

How to Style: Combat Boots

This ones for the girls who grew up in the 90’s stomping around in Dr Martens and jamming to alternative rock. I’m with you, Queens! Here’s how I style my combat boots. Tying a flannel round your waist is obvi encouraged.

My favorite way to wear combat boots is to mix girly girl with cool girl vibes. Try styling combat boots with a printed dress or pleated skirt. Complete the look with bare legs, fishnets or patterned tights. Perfection.

Denim, leather or dressy shorts and skirts are in season all year round. In the colder months layer tights or stockings over bare legs. It’s a bit edgy this way, adding to the cool factor.

knit wear with brooch

Nice Knits, Queen!

When I think of knit wear, I envision Zara models in chunky sweaters (jumpers for you Brits). Basics should make up 80% of your wardrobe. In the colder months, my knit tops are a staple. To add some charm I adore them pinned with fancy brooches. They are equally chic paired with a simple wool beret and statement sunglasses. Pleated skirts, leather pants, or skinny jeans complete the look and leave you feeling polished and put together. Check out Zara, H&M, JCrew, and Vici for the latest staple knit wear!

Above: Jeans, Pumps, Brooch
Above: Boots, Leather Trousers, Sweater
Above: Brooch, Beret