wrapped gifts

Packages, Boxes & Tags

It’s time to celebrate! Several special people in my life are celebrating birthdays. Here are some wrapping, packaging, and presentation ideas. Obvs I love to coordinate ribbon and wrapping paper, while special tags and wax seals elevate a gifts glamour. Try twine as an alternative to ribbon. Presentation is everything, especially when it pertains to gifts!

My MIL found rolls and rolls of adorable assorted craft tape. The above hero/comic tape complimented the vibe I was going for. If you can, pick a theme or color for the gift wrap. Whatever it is, stick with it and embellish upon it. This applies to wrapping paper, the card, ribbon and the gift itself.

Wrapping paper, Gold Ribbon, & Gift Tag
Oreo Sparkle Pops in a glass Perrier bottle and a fabulous fashion illustration.