Loco for Logo

What’s your calling card? What feeling, emotion, or energy do you leave behind? I’ve been pondering this question and for me, this logo nails it! It started as a simple sketch and doodle, then turned into something more. When I had narrowed my design down, I partnered with a company called Get Marked and began to finalize my logo for production. What happened next was pure magic. I’m so happy with how the custom embosser turned out. I pressed gold stickers and used them to seal a hand-written letter and to jazz up my cellophane bag of home-made chocolate chip cookies! #FAF

Get Marked custom embosser

wax seal

Stationery Geek

Sending a birthday card to my girl and you know I have to use my wax seal. Anytime you can send a handwritten note, please do!

My love for stationery and sending letters started at an early age. In elementary school I had two pen-pals; Trevor, a grandfather figure of sorts from Australia and Jodi, a girl my age from another school. Random right? I also adore sending letters to my grandma’s and have since college #WestVirginiaUniversity #Classof2004